Acrylic Canvas PVC Backed - Inland waterways

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Acrylic Canvas is a synthetic woven material, supplied in a range of finishes.   Designed to excel in outdoor applications.  A highly  technical but natural canvas appearance makes this fabric perfectly suited to withstand the rigors of the outside and marine environment . Solution dyes acrylic is he most colour stable cloth available with the highest UK resistance. 

Grey PVC Backed: 

The PVC coating increases the water resistance to over 1000mm which makes for an almost 100% waterproof barrier, this coating makes the fabric suitable for applications were you require a high level of water resistance whilst maintaining a traditional canvas appearance. The grey PVC pigment helps to improve the light reflection and is used in smaller covers such as inland waterway cratch covers.

Suitable with most domestic sewing machines.

Uses: Sail covers, window covers, cratch covers.

Weight: 310gr m/2  

Width: 153cm/120cm

Maximum length: 50m


Hose down regularly with fresh water and, if needed, a gentle brush which will help remove any surface dust or dirt. For more ingrained dirt and stains use warm water below 30 degrees and a soft soap solution, ensure you rinse any soap from the fabric thoroughly after cleaning.

Before placing your cover into storage it should be dry and clean, this is to prevent mould and mildew. Please do not pressure wash as the pressure will damage the yarns and will strip the fabric of it's strength and water proofing. 

Do not use any chlorine or bleach based products as these may discolour the yarns. Do not tumble try or iron, allow to dry naturally.  For best results we recommend reproofing after cleaning and yearly.  See our reproofing products for details.  

Please note:

Colours may vary slightly from different batches. Please check colour before cutting as no claim will be accepted for colour variance. We recommend buying enough from the same roll for your project.