AIR-Mat Under Mattress Anti Condensation Boat Caravan

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The Marine cushioning with a hygienic silver coating.

The three-dimensional Airmat AG+ is designed to allow improved airflow, which dramatically reduces moisture build up through its 8mm thickness.  This provides a solution to the age old problem of left over condensation and resulting mildew growth under bunk mattresses or cushioned areas on board.

Widely used in hospitals, the Airmat has a natural silver coating AG+.  This specialist treatment is non-irritant and enhances resistance to harmful bacteria, working to prevent organism growth.  The Airmat is ideal in a damp environment whether above or below decks and is fully machine washable, recyclable and flame retardant.  The silver coated cushioning is ideal for mattresses or cushions on sailing yachts, as well as perfectly suited to deck sun cushions on powerboats and large yachts, when cushioning needs to be stowed after use.  The sun beds can be put away dry and will not develop that musty smell in their stowage locker over time.
8mm thick
Priced: 1 meter x 205 meter wide