Marblehead Weaves - Low Aspect Fiber 104

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Marblehead Weaves - Low Aspect Fiber 104 

Fabric Properties 

  • Only Fiber 104 / IW70 low aspect line available.
  • Mabrlehead Weaves use the best, most expensive yarns in warp and fill: Fiber 104 and IW70. Competing fabrics use little or none of these.
  • 4.77, 5.77, 6.77, 8.77, 9.77, 10.77, 11.77, 14.77 use Fiber 104 or IW70.
  • Other yarns are not made in IW70 / Fiber 104
  • Marbleheads are the finest most tightly woven fabrics in the world.
  • For use in highest quality mainsails of 2.5 / I aspect ratio or less.
  • In light through medium weights, Marbleheads use close to even denier ratiors: 1 / 1.5. In heavier weight, the ratio becomes closer to 1 / 2. Fill yarns are larger for more highly loaded sails. The result is more even crimp, so yarns look onto each other; and rely more on weave tightness than resin for bias durability. 
  • Marblehead weaves require half the resin to achieve a particular bias spec than most high aspect fabrics.

Sold per metre. 

Width 54"