NautikFlor UK - Waterproof laminate flooring 1235 mm x 200mm x 5,5mm 13 pieces per pack. 3.21 sq m coverage £99 per square meter

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NautikFlör is a premium ship's floor in classic maritime teak design.
NautikFlör is made from a seawater resistant hydro carrier board with click system.

By combining high-definition digital printing and special surface coating, we reach a precise holly progress with a very natural teak look and feel.

An innovation that offers only NautikFlör.

The surface is extremely non-slip and durable.
The production of the premium flooring in Switzerland guarantees the highest quality.

With the click system the laying and installation is easy and timesaving.
Due to its low weight of 5 kg/m2 and the low installation height, NautikFlör is also perfect for smaller boats.

The plank size of 1235x200 mm facilitates processing even in the smallest space. NautikFlör is for use in the interior, a use in the covered outdoor area is possible.

Pack: 13 pieces per pack.

3.21 sq m coverage per pack.

Priced per pack.

£99 per square meter.

Minimum order 2 packs.