Sailcloth - Fibermax Stabilised Nylon

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Sailcloth - Fibermax Stabilised Nylon 

Sold per metre. 

Width: 60"


Fabric Properties

  • Fibermax has been proven "The most durable nylon in the world" by it's selection by Global Challenge, Volvo, Clipper Cup, The Race and many more.
  • Fibermax Nylon has tight constructions with excellent finish durability. 
  • Challenge stabilised finish adds virtually no weight. Coatings add 0.1 - 0.2 oz of weight to fabric.
  • As a result, Fibermax has the maximum number of fibers for a given weight and the most dense construction. 
  • Fabric names are a approximate weight in g/m2
  • Challenge invited the first 3.4oz, 210 denier "Volvo" Mega-Fabric. We have since introduced a 420 denier fabric, Fibermax 184. Both are used extensively by Volvo winners and participants. 

Stabilised Nylon Finished Explained 

The fabric is dipped through a solution of dissolved resin. The resin is then cured at high temperature. Very small resin particles are embedded in the weave, restricting it's stretch. The resin weight add-on is so slight, it's nearly undetectable. 

The result: 

  • Full resin impregnation means better durability.
  • Porosity is slightly higher than coated fabrics - no film on the surface.
  • No coating means more fibers can be woven for the same weight - higher strength , lower stretch. (depending upon firmness)