Tall Ships Fabrics

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Tall Ships Fabrics 

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Width - 54"

Tremendous demands are placed on sailcloth used in Tall Ships sails. Whether the sails are square, gaff or marconi rigged, the fabric requirements are among the most extreme in the world of sailing. The sails must withstand huge forces that only a heavy, stable tall ship can generate. To this end, Challenge has developed it's own fibers and fabrics to ensure the best UV resistance, tear strength, abrasion resistance and tensile breaking strength. Challenge carefully tests all cloth to ensure that it meets the stringent standards of the most demanding projects a sailmaker may have. 

Tall Ships fabrics are so tightly woven that they can be finished with nearly no resin. During the finishing process the cloth is heat-set at high temperature to further tighten the weave. As a result, Challenge Tall Ships fabrics have good bias stability for their large yarn construction, but at the same time have a soft hand that enables easy handling.