Vektron Sailcloth

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Vektron Sailcloth 

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Width - 60"

Vektron Sailcloth is a mixture of Highest Tenacity polyester and Vectran in the fill. Super-High Modulus VECTRAN fibre yarns reinforce the Dacron fill fibers. Vektron has slightly lower stretch than standard Dacron. The experience of Global Challenge and others is that the Vektron concept enhances durability. In the words of Hood: “In an effort to find a solution for the problems that could not be overcome with laminated sailcloth, Hood began work with Vectran in 1992. It has similar flex fatigue characteristics to Spectra®, but unlike Spectra® has high heat resistance. This allows it to be woven with polyester, and through a special process can be shrunken around the Vectran® fibre. Achieving a very low stretch non-laminated woven sailcloth, as the stretch resistance is so improved, the true weight of the sailcloth can be reduced for a given job, and in some cases, compete with laminates on a weight-for-weight basis.

As the combination of Vectran and high tenacity polyester yields a simple woven product, so can the simplicity of construction revert back to crosscut horizontal panelling: significant in roller furling sails - either furling headstays in mast or more importantly “in boom” furling mainsails - where partial reefing of the sail is common place.